Anssems Aanhangwagens BV have been offering the perfect transport solution for 45 years, fully equipped and available in various sizes and weights. The wide selection of accessories makes it possible to meet your individual user requirements.

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Why Anssems Trailers?

If you are you looking for a strong, fully equipped and maintenance-friendly trailer, Anssems offer reliable trailers that will last.  The research and development team at Anssems design the trailers down to its smallest details, after which automated production creates the parts with accurate precision.  This allows Anssems to guarantee a consistently high quality.  All Anssems trailers are durable due to the use of high-quality materials such as aluminium, galvanized steel and polyester finished with premium quality parts.

A multitude of accessories are available for all trailers, Anssems has already taken accessories into account during its design phase.  For example, holes are already provided, making drilling unnecessary.  You can transform an open trailer into a closed trailer by mounting an Anssems tilt.  Extra loading height is created with the steel mesh sides or extension side boards.  Even more comfort during loading or unloading is achieved by mounting prop stands, ramps or tailgate ramp.  Use the tie hooks to fix the load and cover it with a flat cover or loading net.

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